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Privacy Policy

This is our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant privacy policy. We must provide clear and concise information on how we deal with personal data. Simply browsing the website without the need to input any personal information is possible, however, should you wish to make any enquiries with us, then your personal data will be processed. All data that comes to us always remains private with us.

We may collect the following information you provide when you complete the enquiry form on my website: name, email address, contact number. If a booking takes place, further personal data will be requested, and an opt-in check box will be presented upon submission of the booking. Further information may include: home address, venue addresses, guest names.

All forms are processed digitally via an online system which is named Studio Ninja. This means all data shared between us and you are accessed by only the company director and yourself. No documents are printed or stored. We never take images of credit or debit card numbers, payments are made via bank transfer (BACS). Footage and completed videos of your wedding are not sold to anyone. This policy was last updated in August 2023 and will be kept under regular review.

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